Texas Star Nut & Food Co.™

Three generations. One mission:

to revolutionize the nut & food industry

Tradition meets innovation

Our family got started in the nut business with a small pecan shelling company in downtown San Antonio. Since then and for three generations we’ve traveled the world, partnering with the best growers and farms to source and deliver the most delicious premium grade natural nuts, snacks and baking ingredients you’ll find anywhere.

As the industry evolves, so do we. We pride ourselves in utilizing the most eco-friendly and sustainable practices available, staying at the cutting edge of technology and supply chain logistics.

Texas Star Nut & Food Co. is a fantastic place to work.
It feels like more than a job. It’s like a family.

“Doing the right thing is always good business.”


Preserving the earth, for all of us

We pride ourselves in our stellar record of sustainable practices that ensure our carbon footprint is minimized. We don’t do it because it’s trendy, we do it because we believe in doing better for all of us.

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