Texas Star Nut & Food Co.™
Nature's Eats

The best eats under the sun

Our popular Nature’s Eats brand offers a wide variety of nuts, dried fruits, snacks, confections, nut flours, nut oils, and trail mixes. With thousands of loyal fans sharing recipes and serving suggestions, Nature’s Eats is becoming one of the most trusted sources for natural, minimally processed food in grocery and beyond.

Texas Star Nut & Food Co.™
Vault Foods

How freshness should taste

Our proprietary Vault Foods™ process is the only organic, non-thermal pasteurization that keeps food truly raw, keeping nutrition, shelf life, germination and most importantly, taste, fully intact. Our solution is chemical free and 100% natural. Vault Foods is available for licensing and cobranding.

Texas Star Nut & Food Co.™
Compass Sales + Marketing

Your product creation solution

Leverage our expertise in the nut and food industry into your own brand. From sourcing and packaging to marketing and distribution, Compass Sales + Marketing will help you bring your concept to completion, and get it on shelf, too. Contact our sales team for more information.

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